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In 2011, with friends, I launched a project called Lightworks.1 The initiative was inspired by our experience at the TEDxStellenbosch conference of that year. We subsequently announced the formation of our creative collective to host free parties and organise multimedia events in Cape Town.

Our launch party2, at Ragazzi Lounge on Long Street, was a massive success.3 For the event we produced a promotional video to illustrate our experiments with an interactive camera installation.4

During the buildup to the event I was interviewed for the Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 blog.5 At our site6 we hosted a tribute to South African Jazz pianist and composer the late Bheki Mseleku.7 The project also posted Mohato’s first DJ mix as Wildebeats8 and we produced my first music video as Oxblood.9

As the next phase in the development of our collective project, rebranded ‘glowLDB’, the three of us have moved into an office on Spin Street where we are creating our ideal live/work environment.

Lekena Dorkin Brink will be presenting a multimedia remix at TEDxStellenbosch in August this year.

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