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Wildebeats – Race Comstructions [Red Bull Music]

Wildebeats - Race Comstructions [Red Bull Music]

Wildebeats / Mohato Lekena‘s Second EP, recorded and released by the Red Bull Studios Cape Town has been released.

The project was produced and mixed by Mohato, Mastered by Ross Dorkin, and the cover art was designed by Mitchel Messina

View the release statement from Red Bull here, and read more from Mohato himself about the project’s various themes.

Future Music Rising – Mohato Lekena


glowLDB member Mohato Lekena (as Wildebeats) has been chosen to perform at the Roundhouse in London as part of their Future Music Rising> campaign.

He, as along with Johannesburg Based The Brother Moves On were chosen from 86 entrants.

Here is a promotional video for the event

The full performance can now be streamed in its entirety below:

Letherette, Wildebeats, Tim Exile, DJ Fauxlo… by roundhouselondon

Wildebeats – Lynx Vapours EP [A+T002]

Wildebeats - Lynx Vapours EP [A+T002]

Press statement for Art + Techno

Wildebeats / Mohato Lekena‘s debut on Art + Techno.

Lynx is a constellation known for holding the largest body of water in the known universe. This water floats in vapour form around a highly active, massive black hole. Looking at space, fluidity and immersion, Lynx Vapours is a pair of bangers inspired by these themes.”

Computer Scientist and producer Mohato Lekena is the alter ego of South African bass/hip-hop producer Wildebeats.

Having been involved with rap since before the word pimping was a compliment, Wildebeats aims to create morphed, future versions of the instrumentals he grew up on.

Operating with the glowLDB collective, he hopes soon to bring more jiggle beats to our local scene.

Lynx Vapours EP [A+T002]
1. Show en Tell
2. Kevin Spacey
3. Show en Tell (OX++ Remix)

Aperture Extensions: John Wizards


We produced a live video for our friends John Wizards.

Aperture Extensions: John Wizards

Zenzanon – Original Highly EP [A+T001]

Zenzanon - Original Highly EP [A+T001]

Press release for Art + Techno

Robin Brink‘s debut as Zenzanon for Art + Techno.

Original Highly EP [A+T001]
1. Sparkling Water
2. The Roast Master’s Promise
3. Sparkling Water (Damascus Spilling Aqueduct Remix)