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TEDx / Remix


Note: we urge you to view this piece in high definition, listening with headphones or speakers, for the full aural experience.

In early 2012 we were invited to produce a remix for TEDxStellenbosch in collaboration with the TEDx Global Music Project. Our piece was to be based on material from the growing archive of TEDx musical performances that is the TEDx Global Music Project.

Our first goal was to expand on the remix concept by not simply creating a collage of found sounds (the conventional approach). This view led us to create an abstract sound world which involved extensive planning, processing and attention to detail. We decided early on to produce an audiovisual piece in which the sonic and visual elements were interdependent.

In order to compose the piece we chose a framework of two rules. Firstly we sought to explore the TED aesthetic in colour, movement and form. Secondly we worked exclusively with sound samples from TEDx musical performances. Our visual elements were produced in Processing and much of our sound design was generated in Pure Data. The final composition was arranged in Logic Pro and Adobe Premiere.

The following are examples of some of the many processes we undertook in the creation of our “TEDx / Remix”.


Remix: Bateleur – Museum [Oxblood Remix]

Bateleur - Museum [Oxblood Remix]

Cape Town based band Bateleur commissioned Robin Brink (Oxblood) to remix ‘Museum’ for their Cargo Cults EP. The track was co-produced and mixed by Ross and Mohato at glowLDB.