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glowLDB is the multidisciplinary project of Mohato Lekena, Ross Dorkin and Robin Brink. The group’s name is derived from the initial letters of their respective surnames, affixed to the word glow.

The three met at the University of Cape Town in 2011. Robin (an English and Interactive Media student) met Mohato (a Computer Science student) through a mutual love of music. The pair decided to work together on promoting music with forward-thinking aesthetics. Ross (a Music student) joined the group through playing in a band with Robin.

Robin and Ross’s band performed at the 2011 TEDxStellenbosch conference. The two of them were there inspired by the idea of inner-city rejuvenation. Robin, Ross and Mohato subsequently moved into a mixed use space in the Cape Town CBD where they launched the glowLDB project.

In 2012 the group was commissioned to produce a multimedia remix piece based on audiovisual material compiled from TEDx music performances around the world.
glowLDB presented the piece and a short talk at TEDxStellenbosch in August of that year. The TEDx / Remix is available, accompanied with a short essay, online.

In 2013 glowLDB launched Aperture, a series of documentary videos focusing on the South African electronic music landscape. The group simultaneously founded Art + Techno, an online music label devoted to thoughtful electronic music.

Over the course of 2012 and 2013, Robin, Ross and Mohato have invested energy in researching the creative possibilities of their shared interests. The Aperture events have been a live platform for their forays into interactive (sound-responsive) visuals, and their website has played the part of occasional canvas for online interactive media ventures.

In 2012, Ross presented a series of experimental electro-acoustic compositions with The Sometimes gallery. glowLDB developed a set of music visualisation tools with which they produced a series of print programs. For his Masters in Computer Science degree, Mohato has been researching mobile based music technology, breaking away from traditional and linear forms of notation. Robin has been painting and exhibiting works which engage the border of traditional and digital art.

The three share a passion for the productive potential of digital and traditional artforms and it this energy that they seek to invest in your project.